The Story

I’m John Paul from Boston MA and I have loved the 60’s Lincoln Continental ever since I was a teen.

About 2 years ago at the age of 35, I was able to finally buy one, a 1963 metallic blue, all original.


my 63 lincoln continental


About the T-Shirts

All our shirts are high quality Gildan 2000 6 oz shirts and we combine that with high quality printing that lasts.

So having a 63, I wanted to find some tees to show of my linc pride, but all the t-shirts I found online were cheesy, shirts I would NEVER wear.

I started putting together some designs that I WANTED to wear and I did wear… and that slowly turned into the idea for this site. If I didn’t like the options out there for 60’s lincoln owners, maybe other people are feeling the same way.

So was born.



We will be starting with a few custom designed t-shirts for men, women and kids and we will be releasing more in the future.

If you have any questions or need bulk ordering, Contact Us


Let me leave you my favorite picture of my 63 parked in front of an abandoned jail.

my 63 lincoln continental