How To Start A T-Shirt Brand – Infographic

So you want to learn how to start a t-shirt brand?

I can see why, people love t-shirts. They are casual and allow people to show their personality with each tshirt they wear.

With everyone trying to start sell t-shirts online, you’ll be facing some BIG competition.

To get YOUR t-shirts seen and loved, you will need to have designs people love, a brand people love and follow and quality people trust.

In this Infographic we will go through the steps it takes to get up and running. We will also share how to promote your new t-shirt brand and have you seeing success as a t-shirt entrepreneur.

Also to help you can visit our T-Shirt Selling Tools and Resources page to see what we use to run LincolnContinentalT-Shirts.

Quick Steps To Follow:

1 – Create an Environment
2 – Focus on the Models
3 – Let the T-shirt do the Talking
4 – Shoot a Promotional Video
5 – Get in touch with trendsetters and influencers
6 – Promote your business through external services

Infographic On How To Start A T-Shirt Brand

how to start a t-shirt brand


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